Associate Camp Membership

If you are not eligible, or do not wish to undertake the genealogical research at this time, to become a full member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, but wish to affiliate yourself with our SCV camp and take part in our activities, then our Associate Camp Membership program may be for you.

Many wives of our SCV Members join our Associate Membership program!

Associate members are members of the camp, but not the SCV. They are welcome to participate in all camp activities and events. They have a say in all matters of the camp, but do not have a vote in Division or National SCV matters. Associate member ideas for growth, community involvement and activities are wanted and appreciated!

All applicants by signing the application you are affirming, on your honor, that you have never have been or are now affiliated with any hate group such as the KKK or Neo Nazis. Membership in these hate organizations terminates membership in the Pearce Camp, as we don’t need their kind perverting the Confederate flag, the memory of the Confederate soldier or the South.

Dues for Associate Membership is $9.00 annually.
2527 Associate App