1st Missouri Infantry Regiment CSA

Flags of Our Great-Great Grandfathers

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1st Missouri Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.

This is an example of an 8 star first National Confederate Flag

The 1st Missouri Infantry was an infantry regiment that served in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War.

The regiment was organized in Memphis, Tennessee and New Madrid, Missouri, in June–September 1861 by Col. John S. Bowen, the regiment's first commander. The regiment was composed primarily of pro-secession Missourians from the St. Louis area and southeast Missouri.

The origin of the original companies is as follows:

Company "A": Pargoud Volunteers - New Orleans, Louisiana

Company "B": Wade Guards - St. Louis, Missouri

Company "C": South St. Louis Guards - Carondelet, Missouri

Company "D": St. Louis Greys - St. Louis, Missouri

Company "E": St. Louis Minutemen - St. Louis, Missouri

Company "F": St. Louis Southern Guards - St. Louis, Missouri

Company "G": New Madrid Guards - New Madrid County, Missouri

Company "H": Pemiscot Rifles - Pemiscot County, Missouri

Company "I": Missouri Guards - New Madrid County, Missouri

Company "K": Missouri Greys - New Madrid County, Missouri


The unit first saw action April 6–7, 1862 at the Battle of Shiloh.

After major losses during the battles of Iuka and 2nd Corinth, the regiment was reorganized at Holly Springs, Mississippi, on November 7, 1862, by merging the 1st Missouri Infantry with the 4th Missouri Infantry, after which point it became known as the "1st and 4th Consolidated Missouri Infantry".

The "1st and 4th Consolidated Missouri Infantry" fought as a unit of the Confederate Army of Tennessee during the Atlanta Campaign and General John Bell Hood's 1864 invasion of Tennessee. After the failure of that campaign, the regiment was ordered to Mobile, Alabama, where they participated in the defense of Fort Blakely. The fort's garrison was surrendered on April 9, 1865, as which point the regiment functionally ceased to exist.


Colonel John S. Bowen

Colonel Lucius L. Rich

Colonel Hugh A. Garland

Lt Colonel Martin Burke

Lt. Colonel Amos C. Riley

Major Robert J. Duffy

Major Bradford Keith

Major Charles C. Campbell


Battle of Shiloh

Battle of Iuka

Battle of Corinth

Battle of Resaca

Battle of Dallas

Battle of New Hope Church

Battle of Kennesaw Mountain

Battle of Atlanta

Siege of Atlanta

Battle of Jonesborough

Battle of Lovejoy's Station

Battle of Franklin (1864)

Battle of Nashville

Battle of Fort Blakely

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