Discovering Your Confederate Ancestors

Confederate ancestry can be found on both paternal & maternal sides of your family, so trace as much as possible.

Invest in genealogy tools or services

A simple but very effective form for documentation purposes in regards to joining the SCV is avaialbe here, SCV Lineage Chart. It is completable on your computer and includes directions for it use printed upon it.

Gather your family information

  • Family Bibles

  • Deeds

  • Wills

  • Marriage Certificates

  • Birth Certificates

  • Death Certificates

  • Christening Records

  • Family Members

  • Photos of Headstones

  • Post Messages To:

Once you have found a Confederate ancestor(s) and have an idea of the unit/regiment in which they served, you will want copies of muster rolls, pension records, etc. If you have family that seemed to have stayed in one particular area, try the library or archives for that County or State.

Share your family tree once you have found your connection to your Confederate ancestor. Take a copy to the area's library and ask that it be filed for other researchers. This preserves your hard work for future generations.