What Are We Fighting For?

Post date: Oct 25, 2018 1:05:05 PM

During the presidential campaign of 1968, independent candidate George Wallace said that there was not a dime's worth of difference between the two parties (Democrats & Republicans).

That is just what you would expect a third-party candidate to say, but was it true? The voters of that

time thought not, and Richard Nixon was elected.

I think there was a definite difference between the two parties (Democrat and Republican) then and now.

I also think that the mid-term elections coming up on Tuesday, November 6th, are of the greatest importance.

That's why we need to understand what each of the two major parties in our nation stands for and believes.

What they are fighting for? Then we need to vote based on that. My hope and prayer is that we would vote for what would be in the best interest of our nation.

Each party, Republican and Democrat, has a platform, which lists how they stand on the issues of the day.

You might say this is the party's official statement of what they stand for and believe. This is the best place to start in deciding which party to support. We also need to pay attention to current events, reported from reputable sources, to see if the political party is living up to its platform in a decent, honest, and civil way.

In choosing to support a political party, we should ask ourselves if it is trustworthy when it comes to following the law. Does it honor the U.S. Constitution as it is written or try to manipulate it? Does it support the Bill of Rights that guarantees our right to freedom of speech, religious freedom, freedom to lawfully assemble, freedom to bear arms, freedom of due process, etc.? Does it incite violence or promote peace? Does it protect its citizens equally under the law from threats within and without our borders? Does it even believe we should have borders? These are serious and fair questions.

How these questions are answered will determine whether our nation prospers and thrives or declines and even fails to survive.

We all need to set emotion aside and honestly consider reality that is based on facts.

One Party promotes lawless and violent behavior, open borders allowing free access to our nation by criminals and terrorists, and sanctuary cities that give cover to these criminals and terrorists; One party does not.

One party, in the name of protecting women, supports the killing on unborn babies(Yes, I said the "B" word; fetus is simply a medical term, for baby.) right up to 36 weeks. This same party that purports to care so much for women's heath refuses to support the least little regulation of the abortion industry for safety of women undergoing abortions. The other party is Pro-Life and truly does care for the health and well being of females, even those in the womb and those carrying them. As a bumper sticker from the late 70's put it so well, during the Equal Rights Amendment (for women) era,

"Equal rights for Unborn Women!"

The party of open borders and abortion has failed in its primary governmental duty -- to protect its citizens from harm.

They would also like for law-abiding citizens to hand over their Constitutionally protected firearms. The same party that has failed to protect it's citizens and the unborn says hand over your guns and we'll keep you safe. The same party that wants to force you to think and act as they say you should (political correctness), and that promotes governmental tyranny because they, "the elite," think they know best how to run your life, want you to hand over control of your life to them. The same party that wrecked the economy through excessive taxation and governmental regulation, and drove health care costs for

the average American through the roof, and took your choice of doctor away, after they said they wouldn't says put us in charge again. The party that has embraced socialism and has moved so far to the left would love to turn America into the next Venezuela, complete with 21 dollar per gallon gas prices and shortages of everything from food to medicines to toilet paper.

That's what you get with socialism. There is no such thing as free things from the government. Taxpayers, you and I, pick up the tab. Someone please see that Bernie Sanders and his naive followers get the memo.

There is a difference between the two major political parties, and it's much more than a dime's worth. The party that I will support fights to promotes life; promotes personal responsibility, hard work, and prosperity; believes in limited government and abiding by the law; and protects its citizens. The stuff worth fighting for. It lines up pretty well with God's Word and is not a source of embarrassment to me or my country, and I will be proudly supporting it on Tuesday, November 6 with my vote.