Our largest Camp Project to date! AND WE DID IT! With YOUR help! THANK YOU!

We replaced to two Kentucky Historical Society Roadside Historical Markers.
Ranger Leader Blinded
We will be dedicating this marker October 20th 2018.
Marker Number751
Location6 mi. SE of Princeton, KY 91
DescriptionConfederate Gen. Adam R. Johnson with 1700 Partisan Rangers were in area seeking recruits and supplies. Learning of Union troops under Gen. E. H. Hobson camped at Grubb's Cross Roads, Johnson attacked, Aug. 21, 1864. In the skirmish that followed, Johnson was wounded, losing sight of both eyes. CSA became demoralized and retreated to Paris, Tennessee.
 Civil War Sniper
We rededicated this marker on May 12, 2018.
Marker Number881
LocationJct. US 68 & KY 453
DescriptionIn 1862 Jack Hinson swore revenge against Union Army when two sons were executed as bushwhackers. From ambush he picked off men in blue uniforms on gun boats and on land. With a price on his head, he continued his vendetta until his gun bore 36 notches at close of war. He guided General Nathan Bedford Forrest in his last campaign in area, Oct.-Nov., 1864.

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The Battle of Smithland


We can do MORE with your continued help!

We are working on another idea to erect a NEW Monument to the combatants and civilians of the region.

We are going to need FUNDS to make it happen, but we KNOW we can count on you to help!

Keep an eye out for more information on this project!