As a Camp we have undertaken an effort that can NOT succeed without YOUR assistance!

We all know that money is tight.
We all know the government is all for taking more of our money when we ask them to do something...
Sometimes WE have to step up and take on causes and efforts to fix things.

The Kentucky Historical Society oversee and run the highway marker program, but they do NOT fund the markers. It is up to groups and individuals to step up and support what they believe is important to our shared history.

As such, we the Jim Pearce Camp have taken it upon ourselves to raise just under $4,000.00  to replace these missing markers. 

The following information on the markers was found in Roadside History: A Guide to Kentucky Highway Markers.

Ranger Leader Blinded
Marker Number751
Location6 mi. SE of Princeton, KY 91
DescriptionConfederate Gen. Adam R. Johnson with 1700 Partisan Rangers were in area seeking recruits and supplies. Learning of Union troops under Gen. E. H. Hobson camped at Grubb's Cross Roads, Johnson attacked, Aug. 21, 1864. In the skirmish that followed, Johnson was wounded, losing sight of both eyes. CSA became demoralized and retreated to Paris, Tennessee.

This marker has been "missing" for so long folks from the area can not remember seeing it! We are talking 20 plus years...  The Highway Department hasn't even bothered to replace the marker pole which leads me to thinking it was damaged in an accident and no one every thought to get it repaired.
 Civil War Sniper
Marker Number881
LocationJct. US 68 & KY 453
DescriptionIn 1862 Jack Hinson swore revenge against Union Army when two sons were executed as bushwhackers. From ambush he picked off men in blue uniforms on gun boats and on land. With a price on his head, he continued his vendetta until his gun bore 36 notches at close of war. He guided General Nathan Bedford Forrest in his last campaign in area, Oct.-Nov., 1864.

This marker was moved from its long standing spot back a few years ago due to road construction. The new location, about a mile West, is actually a better location because of a pull off spot. But, this marker went missing about 2 years ago. Rumor had that it was in for "refurbishment" but the folks in Frankfort say that is not the case. The marker is listed as missing on their rolls but presumed stolen.

Each marker costs $1,950.00 to be recast.
Once cast the markers are sent to the State Highway Department of the area to be put back up.

Our plan is to have the funds required IN HAND before the end of 2017. As soon as they can be cast and re-erected we will schedule re-dedication ceremonies for them both! We hope you will be able to come out and show your support for OUR heritage!

But we need YOUR HELP to raise the funds!


Or you can mail us a donation payable to "Jim Pearce Camp SCV", at Jim Pearce Camp SCV, PO Box 230, Princeton, KY 41445
PLEASE make a note on your payment stating it is for the Markers Project. We are a 501c3 so this IS tax deductible!

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THANK YOU to the donors below, their events and the folks who visited with us and dropped cash in our bucket!
The Battle of Smithland
Midwest Productions Gun Shows in Western Kentucky
Jefferson Davis Birthday Weekend @ Fairview KY

 TOTAL RAISED AS 08/04/2017: $2,161.79